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17 de mayo de 2012
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Anda al pueblo, hermano / Walk to the village, brother
Sergio Mansilla Torres

Walk to the village, brother,
and bring silver and sugar.
Walk, brother, to the village
to sell these little hens,
and also bring us the great moon
that we always see reflected
in our eyes.
Surely it will be there
because in the village there are many beautiful things
and there, the moon will be.
And bring silver, brother,
I see that the walk is difficult
and it is dark in the rain.
Walk to the village.
I will wait here until you return
and I will make you tortillas in the oven.
Hurry, and bring silver and sugar and the moon
because we are waiting behind
and we have to catch up to be
on the border where the others are.
Walk, brother,.
I am here, throughout all,
I will prepare the fire and the land
for the final hope
when you bring silver and the moon.

(Trans. Robert Manzanares)